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  Categories: Fish
       Yield: 6 servings
       1    Garlic clove,minced/pressed
   2 1/2 tb Olive oil
     1/2 c  Dry white wine
       3 tb Lemon juice
       2 tb Drained canned capers
   1 1/2 lb Pacific halibut fillets
     1/2 c  Parmesan cheese,finely shred
   1. In a 6-8 frying pan over medium-high heat, stir garlic in 1/2
   tablespoon oil until limp, about 2 minutes. Add wine, lemon juice, abd
   capers. Boil, uncovered, over high heat until reduced to 1/2 cup, 3-4
   minutes; keep sauce warm.
   2. Rinse fish, pat dry, and cut into 6 equal portions. Rub fish with
   remaining oil, sprinkle with pepper, and arrange in a single layer in
   a 12x17 broiler pan (without rack).
   3. Broil about 3 from heat for 3 minutes. Turn fish over; sprinkle
   with cheese, and broil until opaque but still moist-looking in center
   of thickest part (cut to test), about 3 minutes longer. Transfer to a
   platter and pour sauce onto fish.