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  Categories: Shellfish
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 md Lobster; or 1/2 large
       1    Shallot, sliced
       3    Morels, halved; regular
            -mushrooms will do)
       1 oz Wine, white
       1 tb Bourbon; Cognac will do
       1 oz Heavy cream; or more
   Very best lobster dish: Steam 1 big lobster per person over sea
   water. The really big ones (2+ lb.) aren't done as soon as they turn
   red - let them cook a couple more minutes beyond that; little
   lobsters are ready as soon as they turn red. Have an assistant remove
   the claw meat (keep whole) and whatever knuckle meat and roe (s)he
   can find while you take the tails and either (depending on their
   size) halve them lengthwise or cut them through the shell into
   slices. Heat a big knob of butter in a big saucepan and toss the tail
   pieces in the hot butter for a minute. Remove the tails to a hot
   platter. Dump the shallots and mushrooms in the same butter and toss
   for a minute; then remove them to the same platter. While the butter
   is still hot, add white wine and bourbon (Cognac will do); let cook
   down for 15 secs or so and then add cream, slowly and keeping the
   heat high. While your assistant arranges the tails on individual
   plates, with the claws and maybe some watercress or parsley as
   garnish, keep an eye on the sauce as it thickens.  When the sauce is
   thick, add a little salt if you need it and dump in the onions,
   mushrooms, roe, and knuckle meat. Pour sauce over lobster tails and
   serve at once. Save the tomalley for: Tomalley croustades. Fry rounds
   from a baguette or other very thin loaf in butter until they just
   begin to turn golden. Drain on paper towels. When they are cool,
   spread them with lobster tomalley mixed with heavy cream to make a
   thick paste. You may grate a tiny bit of Gruyere or other Swiss-style
   cheese over each one. Put under the broiler for a few seconds until
   the tops bubble.