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 Recipe By     : Chef du Jour
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    2                    Maine lobsters, blanched and shocked in
                          ice water, as rare as possible
    2      cups          white rice
    2      cups          brown sugar
    2      cups          black Lychee tea
    2                    ripe mango, peeled and sliced
      1/2  cup           jicama batons
      1/2  cup           mint chiffonade
      1/2  cup           basil chiffonade
    1      cup           mung bean threads blanched and shocked in
                          ice water  1/8 cup 3
                         crab fish sauce
    8      sheets        rice paper
 Preheat deep hotel pan until very hot. Add rice, sugar and tea to deep
 pan and immediately place lobster in the shallow perforated pan on top.
 Quickly seal with aluminum foil. When smoker starts to smoke,smoke
 lobster for 10 minutes over low heat or until cooked through. Cool
 lobster then slice tails into long strips.
 Combine jicama, mint, basil, bean thread and toss with fish sauce. Soak
 rice paper in warm water and place some of the mixture on the softened
 paper. Inlay smoked lobster strips and mango slices. Roll and let stand
 10 minutes. Individually wrap rolls tightly with plastic wrap to ensure
 keeping in the moisture.
 1 peeled mango 
 1 teaspoon sambal 
 1 juice of lime 
 1/2 cup neutral oil 
 Salt and pepper to taste
 Blend all together. Should have a puree consistency.
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