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  1. Confit Of Salmon With Roasted Shallots, Garlic And Red Wine
  2. Creamed Salmon In Rice Ring
  3. CREATIVE EGG-(Baked Potato with Poached Egg and Smoked Salmon)
  4. Crisp Salmon In Rice Paper With Asian Au Jus
  5. Crispy Salmon Potato Pancakes
  6. Curried Salmon With Poppadoms
  7. Diabetic salmon patties
  8. Dilled Salmon Steaks For Two
  9. Escalloped Salmon
  10. Escalloped Salmon
  11. Fillet of Salmon Poached in Lemon and Wine
  12. Fillet Of Salmon With Anchovies And Tomatoes
  13. Fishy Fries
  14. Flaky Salmon Surprise
  15. Fresh Salmon Pate
  16. Fresh Salmon with Tricolored Peppercorn Sauce
  17. Gilled Salmon
  18. Gilled Salmon
  19. Ginger Fish Rolls
  20. Ginger Lemongrass-Scented Salmon En Papillote
  21. Ginger Salmon Cakes
  22. Ginger Salmon Steaks
  23. Ginger-Glazed Salmon Steak on Basil Mashed Potatoes with Sesame Asparagus
  24. Glazed Salmon
  25. Gramma Bahrt’s Salmon Piroghi
  26. Grandma’s Salmon Patties
  27. Gravlax
  28. Grilled salmon
  29. Grilled Salmon
  30. Grilled Salmon
  31. Grilled Salmon Fillets In Lettuce With Mustar
  32. Grilled Salmon & Marinade
  33. Grilled Salmon Steaks In Sauce
  34. Grilled Salmon Steaks with Bell Pepper Sauce
  35. Grilled Salmon W/ Roasted White Corn Salsa & Basil Cream
  36. Grilled Salmon with Honey Mustard Glaze
  37. Grilled Salmon With Lemon & Thyme
  38. Grilled Salmon with Minted Salsa
  39. Grilled Salmon With Potato And Watercress Salad
  40. Grilled Salmon With Racially And Tomato Cruda
  41. Grilled Salmon With Surf Sauce
  42. Grilled Whole Salmon Fillet
  43. Herbed Roasted Salmon And Vegetables W/Lemon
  44. Herbed Salmon Bake
  45. Herbed Salmon In Foil
  46. Honey Barbequed Salmon With Mache
  47. Honey Soy Baked Salmon
  48. James Barber’s Pan Roasted Salmon W/Sweet Pep
  49. J'ande’s Salmon En Papillote
  50. Kim’s Pacific Salmon

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