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  Categories: Main dish, Fish, Brunch
       Yield: 2 servings
     213 g  Canned pink Alaska salmon
      75 g  Frozen chopped spinach
            -- thawed and drained
      90 g  Plain flour
       1    Egg
     150 ml Pint milk
       1 pn Salt
       4 ts Vegetable oil
      15 g  Butter
      90 ml Milk
     100 g  Wild or button mushrooms
     1/2 ts Freshly chopped tarragon
            Salt and black pepper
       2 tb Greek yogurt
       1 ts Walnut oil
            Red lettuce leaves
            Fresh baby spinach leaves
   Drain can of salmon, reserving the juice. Break fish
   into large pieces. Set aside.
   Mix together the spinach and 75g / 3oz of the flour.
   Beat the egg and milk and add gradually to the flour.
   Beat well to remove lumps. Season with salt.
   Heat a drop of oil in a crepe or frying pan. Put 2-3
   tablespoons of pancake batter into the pan and rotate
   gently to spread evenly. Cook over a moderate heat
   until the pancake begins to lift. Turn over to cook
   other side. Repeat until the batter is used up. Keep
   crepes warm.
   Melt the butter in a saucepan, stir in the flour then
   gradually add the juice from the salmon and the milk.
   Stir briskly to prevent lumps.
   Add the salmon to the sauce with the mushrooms,
   seasoning and yogurt. Heat through. Put salmon filling
   onto each pancake and fold into triangles. Arrange on
   a serving plate. Keep warm. Heat the walnut oil in a
   pan and quickly fry the remaining mushrooms. Garnish
   the pancakes with mushrooms, lettuce and spinach
   Serves 2. Makes 4-6 pancakes
   Approx. 640 kcals per serving
   From: On the Wild Side - Alaska Canned Salmon Recipes
   Reprinted with permission from Alaska Seafood
   Marketing Institute Meal-Master compatible recipe
   format courtesy of Karen Mintzias