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       Title: Salmon Trout Monastery
  Categories: Trout, Fish
       Yield: 6 servings
       6 md Trout
       1 qt Irish ale
     1/2 lb Button onions
     1/2 lb Button mushrooms
     1/2 lb Turned carrots
     1/2 lb Pease butter
            Bay leaf and thyme
       1 dr Caramel
            Chopped parsley
   Place the prepared trout in a buttered pan with the herbs. Cover
   withale and cook gently. Prepare the onions, mushrooms and carrots
   and toss separately in butter. Add some of the cooking liquid to
   eachand simmer until cooked. Cook peas as usual. When the trout is
   cooked, drain off the ale, remove the herbs and place on a large
   dish. Keep hot. Add to the fish liquid the liquid from the
   vegetablesand reduce the lot by a quarter. Bind this with a little
   butter and flour and cook out. Season and mount liberally with
   butter. Color to golden brown with caramel. Pour the sauce over the
   trout. Arrange vegetables around. Garnish with parsley.