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  1. Scallops With Fresh Pineapple (Hh)
  2. Scallops With Garlic Chives
  3. Scallops With Ginger & Mint
  4. Scallops With Lemon-Pepper Fettucini & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  5. Scallops With Lime Butter
  6. Scallops With Mushrooms
  7. Scallops with Mushrooms in Wine
  8. Scallops With Orange And Chervil Vinaigrette
  9. Scallops With Snow Peas
  10. Scallops With Snow Peas
  11. Scallops with Snow Peas
  12. Scallops With Spicy Tomatoes And Fettuccine
  13. Scallops with Spinach and Tomatoes
  14. Scallops W/Pine Nuts And Dried Tomato
  15. Scallops Zinfandel
  16. Scaollops In Sherry
  17. Sea Scallops with Sugar Snap Peas
  18. Seared Scallops with Cucumber-Pepper Relish
  19. Seared Scallops With Vegetable Confetti
  20. Simple Scallops Supreme
  21. Simple Scallops Supreme
  22. Simple Scallops Supreme
  23. Sizzling Sichuan Scallops
  24. Skewered Scallops In Orange Oil
  25. Spicy Scallops Stir-Fry
  26. Stir Fried Scallops
  27. Stir Fried Scallops and Apples
  28. Stir Fried Scallops and Apples
  29. Stir Fried Scallops & Apples
  30. Stir-Fried Peppers with Scallops
  31. Stir-fried Scallops With Leeks
  32. Stir-fried Scallops With Pasta
  33. Swiss Baked Scallops
  34. Szechuan Scallops
  35. Thai Chuu-Chii (Red Curry) Of Coffin Bay Scallops
  36. Vaguely-Thai Scallops
  37. Vieiras A La Gallega- Scallops In Mustard-Ol
  38. Zoodles With Scallops

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