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       Title: Mandarin Shrimp and Vegetables
  Categories: Vegetables, Seafood
       Yield: 4 servings
       3 c  Broccoli florets
       1    Red bell pepper
       1    Yellow bell pepper
       4    Green onions, sliced
       1 lb Large shrimp, peeled and
     1/2 c  Orange marmalade
       1 T  Chopped garlic
       1 T  Fresh ginger root
       3 T  Low-sodium soy sauce
       2 T  Rice wine vinegar
       1 t  Tabasco
   1 1/2 T  Cornstarch
       3 c  Hot cooked white rice
   Place broccoli, red and yellow peppers and onion in a 3-quart
   casserole; cover with lid or vented plastic wrap. Stirring midway
   through cooking, microwave on high 5 minutes. Place shrimp on top of
   Place marmalade, garlic and ginger root in a 2-cup glass measure.
   Microwave on high 40 seconds, or until marmalade melts. Pour over
   shrimp; re-cover. Stirring midway through cooking. microwave on high
   4-5 minutes.
   In same glass measure, combine soy sauce, vinegar and Tabasco. Blend
   in cornstarch. Drain liquid from casserole into cornstarch mixture.
   Stirring midway through cooking, microwave on high 1-2 minutes, or
   until mixture thickens. Stir into shrimp mixture. Serve over hot rice
   Nutrient data per serving: 445 calories; 32 grams protein; 3 grams
   fat (3 percent of total calories); 74 grams carbohydrates; 4 grams
   dietary fiber; 223 milligrams cholesterol; 782 milligrams sodium