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                 A SQUID DISH FOR DAYS OF ABSTINENCE--1475
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                         -----SQUID DISH--1475-----
    Platina mentions several odd fishes not usually used today as food, such
   as cuttlefish, scorpions, lampreys and sea-lion. But most of his fish are
   still favorites-eels, lobsters, crabs, oysters, sturgeon and sturgeon eggs
   (which he calls caviar),  salmon, sole, etc., and he gives a recipe for a
   Squid Dish for Days of Abstinence. Although squid is eaten today in the
   South of France and Greece, and can be found in special fish shops here, I
   would prefer salmon or halibut. But if you hanker for squid, just go ahead
   with it if you can find some, and be sure to have the fish man prepare it
   for you by removing the black liquid from the backbone. A SQUID DISH FOR
   DAYS OF ABSTINENCE--1475 Boil the squid. Crush what is good in a mortar.
   Prepare a paste of almonds with rosewater strained through a sieve; or, if
   you can't provide this, use the juice of peas or white chickpeas. Crush
   together small grapes and five figs. Mix a little rock parsley and a little
   fresh marjoram leaves. Add as much cinnamon, ginger and sugar as is
   necessary. Mix these well with whites of eggs so that they will stick
   together and cook better. With the mixture well greased, and with a crust
   above and beneath, set it on the hearth at a little distance from the
   flame. Sprinkle sugar and rosewater on the cooked mixture. This dish
   assails all the members.
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