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       Title: Pasta Primavera - Clipper
  Categories: Pasta
       Yield: 2 servings
       1 lb Fava beans (about 1 c. after
       4 oz Snow peas
       8 oz Asparagus
       2 tb Butter
       1    Clove garlic, crushed
            Salt and pepper
       6 oz Whole wheat noodles
            Few sprigs parsley
   Shell the beans. Top and tail the snow peas.  Break off ends of asparagus
   and cut in 1 pcs.  Cook fava beans for 2-3 min. in boiling water.  Strain
   and reserve liquid.  Rinse beans to cool them and pop them out of the
   skins.  Reboil the water and boil snow peas for 30 secs.  Drain.  Reboil
   water and cook asparagas about 2 min. until just tender.
   Melt butter in large pan and add garlic; fry but don't let brown.  Add
     vegetables and salt & pepper. Cover and set aside.  Put noodles in
   water, turn off heat and cover and let sit for 4-5 min. til noodles are
   just tender.  Stir and drain.
   Reheat vegetables and add them and juices to noodles.  Season with salt &
   pepper, add parsley.
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