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  Categories: Pasta, Main dish
       Yield: 8 servings
       1 ts Olive oil;
       4 sl Prosciutto or ham; diced
            -about 1/4 lb
       6 lg Eggs;
       3 tb Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese;
         x  Salt & pepper to taste;
     1/4 c  Basil or parsley; chopped
       2 c  Cooked spaghetti;
   1 1/2 c  Mozzarella or other cheese;
            -cubed (about 6 oz)
     1/4 c  Olive oil;
       4 tb Butter;
   In a frying pan, saute the prosciutto or ham in the olive oil until crispy.
   Drain on brown paper. (I used paper towels) In a large bowl, beat the eggs.
   Add the Parmigiano-Reggiano, salt and pepper, and basil or parsley. Add the
   spaghetti and mix well, then stir in the mozzarella cheese and proscuitto.
   In a 9-inch frying pan, heat 2T of the butter and 2T of the olive oil. Add
   the spaghetti mixture and smooth the top with a spatula. Cook over
   medium-low heat until the frittata is browned on the bottom and set. Invert
   a plate larger than the frying pan over the pan and turn out the frittata.
   Heat the remaining butter and olive oil in the pan, and return the frittata
   to the pan to brown the other side. Shake the pan occasionally to keep the
   frittata from sticking.  Invert a serving plate over the frying pan and
   carefully turn out the frittata. Serve at room temperature, cut in wedges.
   (like a pie)
   NOTE:  This is even better the day after it is made. (She’s not kidding) My
   Note:  It doesn't usually last in my house till the next day.<BG>
   From Ciao Italia Cookbook by Mary Ann Esposito (companion book to the PBS