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       Title: NO MESS LASAGNA
  Categories: Beef, D/g, Casseroles, Boat
       Yield: 6 servings
      32 oz Jar spaghetti sauce
       9    Lasagna noodles, UNCOOKED
      12 oz Dry curd cottage cheese
       1    Egg
       8 oz Cheese, Mozzarella; shredded
     1/4    Cheese, parmesan, grated
       1 lb Beef, ground, or turkey
       1 tb -Italian spices to taste -
   Preheat oven to 350 degrees
   Brown ground beef and drain Mix together ground beef
   and spaghetti sauce (add spices} In Medium bowl, mix
   cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese and egg until well
   blended. Spread 1/4 sauce on bottom of pan
   (approximately 7 x 11 x 3) Place one noodle  layer 3
   across bottom of pan Place 1/2  cottage cheese mixture
   on top of noodle, then layer 1/3 of sauce then the
   second layer of noodle. Repeat, ending with top layer
   of noodle, and then top with sauce.  Sprinkle with
   parmesan cheese. Cover tightly with foil
   Cook 1 hour covered.  Uncover and cook 15 min more.
   Test with point of knife to make sure noodles are soft.
   Let cool 10 minutes before cutting into serving pieces.
   USE 8 X 8  glass dish.  follow above directions.
   except cover loosely with wax paper.  Microwave on
   high 18 min, turn dish and continue another 18 min.
    Let stand 5 min before serving.  (Test for doneness -
   zap longer if necessary )