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       Title: Pasta With Szechuan Spiced Shrimp
  Categories: Chinese, Seafood
       Yield: 4 servings
       1/4 lb Spinach leaves
       1/4 c  Chinese chili paste
         2    Tomatoes
         1 lb Dry or fresh penne
        16 lg Shrimp
   :          (or fettucine
         2 TB Olive oil
   :          or other pasta -- cooked
         2    Garlic cloves
       1/2 c  Butter -- cut into 10
   :          pieces
   Rinse spinach and remove stems. Peel and seed
   tomatoes. Chop roughly. Clean and devein shrimp. Set
   aside. Heat olive oil in skillet. Add garlic. Saute a
   few seconds. Add shrimp and chili paste. Cook until
   shrimp turn pink. Set aside. Arrange hot cooked pasta
   on serving platter or individual plates. Arrange
   shrimp over pasta. Saute spinach and tomatoes in half
   of butter until tender. Stir in remaining butter, bit
   by bit, until all butter in pan is melted. Pour equal
   amounts of spinach-tomato-butter mixture over pasta.
   Created by: Bob Brody, Sheraton Harbor Island West,
   San Diego, Calif.
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