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                       FRIED GREEN TOMATOES AND PASTA
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Pasta
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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                         Green tomatoes (about 1
                         -md per serving
                         Bread crumbs
                         REAL parmesan or romano
                         Cheese -- grated. (The
                         Real yummy very-virgin olive
                         Garlic cloves
                         Angel hair pasta (please,
                         Please make your
                         Cream, eggs, milk -- or
                         Whatever your die
   1.  Slice the tomatoes about  1/2 cm thick. (Vary this
   according to your success at frying the suckers!) Dip
   in cream, then in a mixture of bread crumbs and cheese
   -- about 50% each.
   2.  Heat about 50-65 ml olive oil in a large skillet
   or omelet pan until hot,
   but not smoking. NOTE TO THE NOVICE: Olive oil smokes
   easily! Saute' garlic until LIGHTLY browned. Ifyou
   overdo the garlic, or cook at too high a temperature,
   it will taste YUCKY! Remove the (oh, yeah....peeled
   and pureed) garlic from the oil and discard. Fry the
   tomato slices until crusty and lightly browned on each
   side. The tomatoes should be softened, but not mushy.
   You will probably find it necessary to make more
   batches of garlic oil from time to time, as you fry up
   the slices of green tomato. This is good.
   3.  You will finally toss all the (cooked) pasta with
   the remaining garlic-ky
   oil (there should be plenty of this!). If there is
   some cream left over, a LITTLE of this should go in
   too. Top with the fried tomato slices and a generous
   helping of shredded cheese and a little bit of bread
   Author’s Notes:
   This recipe was made for me and my family by my uncle,
   Larry Ross, former advertising directory of Food &
   Wine and author of Nanny’s Texas Table cookbook. The
   point is, this man is brilliant, and I'm proud to
   claim him as
   an uncle. Foodwise, that is. I could eat at his place
   for years. It’s a little loose, and I've had more and
   less success with it at varying times, but this is the
   general idea. Most recently, I made it for my
   long-time girlfriend with a salmon mousse made with
   cream cheese topped with capers and
   lemon, and we ended up eating bites of the mousse with
   the green tomato/pasta. (Actually, we ended up doing
   something quite different, but culiNARily speaking....)
   I also like to add some grated black pepper -- you
   should really invest in some very, very fresh
   peppercorns from a good source, if possible. The
   difference is major -- trust me! Also, I mix in a few
   drops of Tabasco for flavor ONLY when tossing with the
   garlic oil -- be sparing, and toss WELL. I
   am SOLELY responsible for any aphrodisiac effects this
   recipe may incite! Please send checks or money orders
   only! Be careful!
   Difficulty    : moderate.
   Precision     : measure ingredients.
   Recipe By     : corradini56@wilma.wharton.upenn.edu
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