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       Title: Mike’s Lasagne
  Categories: Italian, Pasta, Main dish
       Yield: 12 Servings
       1 ea Large red onion, chopped            1 t  Oregano, dried
       1 lb Lean ground beef                  1/2 t  Black pepper
       1 lb Sweet Italian sausage               1 lb Low fat ricotta cheese
       4 ea Garlic cloves, pressed              1 lb Mozzarella cheese, thinly
      24 oz Tomato sauce                             -sliced by machine
       6 oz Tomato paste                        1 c  Shredded parmesan cheese
     1/2 c  Dry red wine                       16 ea Extra wide lasagna noodles
     1/2 c  Water                          
   Get two large frying pans. Spray with the non-stick PAM or similiar. Place
   the beef in one, the sausage in the other.  As the meat starts to change
   colour, add 1/2 the onion and garlic to each pan.  Saute till meat is
   brown and crumbly in both pans.  They will never get done at the same
   time.  When brown, put all into one “Really Big” frying pan, dutch oven or
   whatever. Add the tomato sauce and paste, wine, water, oregano, pepper and
   a bit of salt if you are a salt lover.  Stir, cover and cook for a couple
   of hours.
   Cook the lasagana noodles cooking as per package directions.  After they
   are cooked, rinse a couple of times with cold water to cool them hot
   puppies down.  Grab a deep (2-3 inch) 9 X 13 in casserole dish or pan.
   Criss cross a layer of noodles for the first layer, followed by about 1/3
   of the sauce, then 1/3 of the ricotta and then 1/3 of the mozzarella.  Do
   the pasta, sauce, ricotta and mozzarella 2 more times till gone.  Spread
   the parmesan over the top.  Cook in a pre-heated 350^ oven for
   60 minutes.
   One of my favorites, as well as mom’s.  Freezes well and is great on a cold
   winter night when you want something warm and hearty but don't feel like
   cooking.  Serve with hot sour dough garlic french bread and a tossed green