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                             AMERICAN CHOW MEIN
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 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1      pound         ground Beef
    1      can           stewed Tomatoes
    1      medium        onion -- (diced small)
    1      tablespoon    oregano -- (leaf not ground) to
                         -- taste, up to 2
    2      cups          elbow macaroni
                         salt and pepper to taste
 Cook macaroni as per package directions drain and set aside.  In a large skille
 t, brown the ground beef and drain off any grease.  Add the can of tomatoes and
  chop up finely.  add the diced onion and oregano, salt and pepper to taste.  C
 ook together for a few minutes on low heat.  Add the macaroni to the mixture an
 d blend together.  A great recipe for when a crown of people come by to visit. 
  (A special tip) Ground beef can be cooked and frozen in zip-lock bags and will
  keep quite well if all air is expressed from the bag.
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