Date:    Tue, 01 Feb 94 12:24:54 EST
 From: (Fred Yaeger)
 Red (or Kidney) Beans with Peas and Pasta
 1 cup          dry, uncooked red (kidney) beans, soaked overnight
 1 can          canned kidney (or red) beans, drained and rinsed
    (~16 oz)
 2 cups         pasta (we use rainbow whole wheat elbows), uncooked
 2 cups         frozen green peas
 1/2 T          olive oil
 1/4 cup        white wine vinegar
 2 T            lemon juice
 1/2 t          salt
 1/2 t          pepper
 1 t            oregano
 2 t            sugar
 garnish with   parsley
 If you use DRY beans, SOAK them in water overnight.  DRAIN.  Cook in 1 quart
 fresh water for 2 hours.  Check every so often after one hour cooking, to
 make sure they dont overcook (start to fall apart).  DRAIN.
 If you use canned beans, DRAIN AND RINSE.
 COOK pasta, DRAIN, CHILL in cold water.
 Put, beans, pasta and peas in a big-enough bowl.  ADD all OTHER ingredients.
 Serves 6-8 big (main) portions.
 Adapted from Jeff Smith’s, The Frugal Gourmet, 1984 edition, pg 115.