Date:    Wed, 23 Feb 94 17:08:00 PST
 From:    vmh@IntelliCorp.COM
 Corn Pasta on Mushroom-Tomato Sauce (MV Lunch)
 Here is another one of my Microwave lunches:
 At home, pre-cook one to two cups of corn pasta. (I
   discovered it in my local HFS). Note, that corn pasta
   needs to cook longer and with more water than regular
   pasta. Put pasta into lunch container.
 Add: 1-2 cups of chopped Roma tomatoes and spices,
      especially salt and pepper, oregano, parsley,
      and chives or green onions. (You can use canned
      tomatoes instead of fresh ones).
 Add: as many chopped mushrooms as you want. I usually
      do 6-12, depending on my mood for the day.