Date:    Tue, 18 Oct 94 22:15:43 EDT
 From:    Libby <>
 dawn mentioned a quick dish she’s been eating, comprised of pasta
 with chunky salsa.  it reminded me of a dish that I make all the
 time in the summer...I can't remember if I've ever posted it
 before, but it’s very good and very easy.  it goes over real well
 at potlucks, etc.  it is also a mexican ethnic dish that is
 authentically lowfat and vegan (unusual for that cuisine). this
 recipe is pretty approximate, ymmv on individual ingredients.
 fideo (mexican pasta)
 6 nests fideo (angel hair pasta)
 12 oz jar picante sauce (mild or medium)
 1 cup julienned nopalitos (cactus) OR 12 oz jar pickled cactus
         drained and rinsed OR (in a pinch) 2 julienned and
         blanched bell peppers  
 1 can pinto, poquito, anasazi, pink or other beans of your choice
 1 small can (4 oz?) diced green chiles
 cook the pasta according to package directions. blanch cactus, if
 using fresh.  drain beans and green chiles. toss all ingredients
 this dish is best at room temperature, although it is good hot or
 cold also.  I have given just the basic recipe; you can add all
 kinds of things, like corn, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, scallions,
 blanched chayote squash, etc.