Date:    Thu, 29 Jul 93 15:01:29 EDT
 From: (Janine Memon)
 From Eat More, Weigh Less by Dean Ornish
 	Pasta with Red Peppers, Lemon, Greens, White Beans
 	2, 3 red or yellow peppers
 	Vegetable broth or chicken stock (for non-veg)
 	Greens (I've used Swiss Chard and Escarole but Broccoli-Rape might be 
 	good also)
 	Grated lemon rind
 	Pasta (I've used Orrechiette and Farfalle)
 	White Cannellini Beans (I used canned, the recipe calls for fresh - 
 	canned works fine)
 	fresh pepper
 	Cook peppers in broth approx 8-10 minutes
 	Add greens, garlic, lemon and rind to taste
 	Cook till greens are wilted, about 5-8 minutes
 	Add white beans and bean liquid
 	Add fresh pepper, and salt to taste
 	Add cooked pasta, mix and enjoy!