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       Title: Pasta With Walnuts
  Categories: Pasta, Microwave, Fast
    Servings:  4
       1 lb Fettucini; green preferably
       2    Onions; thinly sliced
     2/3 c  Sour cream
     1/4 c  Oil
       2    Garlic cloves; minced
       1 c  Parmesan; grated
       2 tb Butter
      Cook fettucini conventionally on stove and drain.    Microwave
   directions: Meanwhile place oil, onions and garlic in 2 qt bowl and cook on
   HIGH (100%) for 2 minutes. Add walnuts, stir and cook at HIGH (100%) for 2
   minutes more. Stir in cheese and sour cream. Cook at HIGH (100%) for 1 1/2
   to 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Season with pepper to taste. Toss
   cooked fettucini in butter and top with walnut sauce.
   posted by Anne MacLellan