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       Title: VEGETABLE PIZZA ***
  Categories: Appetizers, Brunch
       Yield: 2 servings
       2 pk Crescent rolls
       1 c  Mayonnaise
       2 pk Hidden valley ranch salad dr
       1 c  Broccoli; finely chopped
       1 c  Cauliflower; finely chopped
       1 c  Carrots; grated
       1 c  Cheddar cheese; grated
       1 c  Tomatoes; chopped
   Pat crescent rolls into pizza pan.  Bake 7-10 minutes,
   or until golden brown.    Mix softened cream cheese
   with mayonnaise and dried salad dressing.  Spread
   cream cheese mixture on cooked dough and top with
   vegetables and cheese.  Press down lightly, and chill
   for at least 1 hour. Cut into pieces. FROM:    NANCY