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                Chicken Basque - Delia Smith’s famous recipe
 Recipe By     : Delia Smith’s Summer Collection
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Chicken & Poultry                Want To Try
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    3 1/2  pounds        chicken -- cut into pieces
                         salt and pepper
    2      large         red bell peppers
    2      medium        onions
    2      ounces        sun-dried tomatoes, oil-packed
    3      tablespoons   olive oil
    2      large         garlic cloves -- chopped
    5      ounces        chorizo, skinned -- cut into 1/2 slices
    1      cup           brown basmati rice
    1 1/2  cups          chicken stock
      3/4  cup           dry white wine
    1      tablespoon    tomato paste
      1/2  teaspoon      hot paprika
    1      teaspoon      fresh herbs -- chopped
      1/2  cup           pitted black olives -- halved
      1/2  large         orange, cut into 1/2 wedges -- peel on
 Start off by seasoning the chicken pieces with salt and pepper. Next, slice
 the red peppers in half and remove the seeds and pith, then slice each half
 into six strips. Likewise, peel the onion and slice into strips of
 approximately the same size. The dried tomatoes should be drained, wiped dry
 with paper towels and then cut into 1/2 pieces.
 Now heat 2 T. olive oil in the casserole, and when it is fairly hot, add the
 chicken pieces - 2 or 3 at a time -  and brown them to a nutty golden color on
 both sides. As they brown, remove them to a plate lines with paper towels,
 using a slotted spoon. Next add a little more oil to the casserole, with the
 heat slightly higher than medium. As soon as the oil is hot, add the onion and
 peppers and allow them to brown a little at the edges, moving them around from
 timt to time, for about 5 minutes.
 After that add the garlic, chorizo, and dried tomatoes and toss these around
 for a minute or two until the garlic is pale golden and the chorizo has taken
 on some color. Next, stir in the rice, and when the grains have a good coating
 of oil, add the stock, wine, tomato paste, and paprika. As soon as everything
 has reached a simmer, turn the heat down to a gentle simmer. Add a little more
 seasoning, then place the chicken gently on top of everything (it’s important
 to keep the rice down in the liquid). Finally, sprinkle the herbs over the
 chicken pieces and scatter the olives and wedges of orange in among them.
 Cover with a tight-fitting lid and cook over the gentlest possible heat for
 about 50 minutes to 1 hour, or until the rice is cooked but still  retains a
 little bite. Alternatively, cook in a preheated oven at  350 for 1 hour.
 Serves 4.
 NOTE: “The delicious combination of chicken and rice, olives and peppers is
 typical of all the regions of the western Mediterranean, but to my mind this
 Spanish version, with the addition of spicy chorizo sausage and a hint of
 paprika, beats the lot. My interpretation of it also uses dried tomatoes
 preserved in oil to give it even more character. This recipe will provide a
 complete supper for 4 from the same pot - it needs nothing to accompany it!”
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