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         4 sl turkey bacon, -- for the
   :          kids
   :          Mesclun salad dressed with
   :          vinaigrette, -- for the
   :          adult
         8 sl quality whole wheat bread
       1/3 c  peanut butter, -- for kids
         2 TB plumped up raisins, dried
   :          cranberries
   :          or sliced bananas, for kids
   :       sl fresh mozzarella, for
   :          adults
   :          Anchovies, capers and torn
   :          basil, for adults
         3    to 4 eggs, -- lightly
   :          beaten
         2 TB butter
         2 TB olive oil
         1    clove garlic
   Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Lay uncooked bacon on
   a baking sheet and bake until crisp. Get the salad
   ready for the adults.
   Meanwhile for the kids, remove the crusts from half of
   the bread and spread the bread with some peanut butter
   and top with either raisins, cranberries or slices of
   banana. You'll have 2 closed sandwiches which you
   should then cut into squares or triangles to create
   smaller bite sized pieces.
   For the adults, layer their bread with mozzarella and
   top with anchovies or capers and basil.
   Heat two skillets until warm, one with butter for the
   kids portion, the other with olive oil for the adults.
   Gently cook some garlic in the adult’s portion as the
   oil is heating up.
   Dip the adults and kids sandwiches in the egg and let
   it soak up. Saute the kids portion in butter and the
   adults in olive oil; saute until crisp and warm; drain
   briefly on paper towels.
   Serve kids stuffed sandwiches with bacon and adults
   with salad.
   Yield: 2 kids servings and 2 adult servings
                                         Date: Sat, 19
   Oct 1996 21:54:34 -0400
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