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       Title: Henderson Boiled Crawfish
  Categories: Wildgame, Seafood
       Yield: 1 servings
      25 lb Crawfish, live
       2 ea Salt, ice cream, boxes
       3 ga Water
       2 c  Red pepper
     1/2 ea Black pepper, stirring spoon
       6 ea Lemons, halved
       6 ea Onions, large, cut in 8ths
       1 x  Potatoes and corn, preboiled
   Add pepper and salt to water and bring to a boil. Add crawfish and
   bring to a second boil. Add onions, lemon, potatoes and corn, When
   boil begins, cook 10 minutes, no more. Take crawfish out and do not
   let soak. Source: Times-Picayune/States-Item 15 Mar 84 Pat Huval,
   Mayor of Henderson LA Recipe date: 03/15/84