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      Title: Russian Refresher Mix
 Categories: Master mix     
   Servings:  1
       2 c  Orange Drink Mix Powder             1 pk (3 oz) Lemonade Mix * 
   1 1/3 c  Sugar                               1 t  Cinnamon 
     1/2 t  Ground Cloves                 
   *  Lemonade Mix should be presweetened powder mix.
   Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl.  Mix well.  Put in a 1-quart
   container.  Lable as Russian Refresher Mix and store in a cool, dry place.
   Use within 6 months.
   Makes about 3 1/2 Cups of mix.
   RUSSIAN REFRESHER:  Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of RUSSIAN REFRESHER MIX to 1 cup
   hot water.  Stir to dissolve.  Makes 1 serving.