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       Yield: 1 Servings
 --------------------CHEAPER AND BETTER--------------------
       1 c  Mineral oil
       1 ts Lemon oil
 ---------------------MAKE IT YOURSELF---------------------
       1 pt Mineral oil aka paraffin oil
       2 ts Oil of lemon
   ** This polish is every bit as effective as the
   purchased product, and it should be used sparingly to
   best effect. Too much polish, wax, or oil on your
   furniture will only trap more dust, so work harder to
   buff this solution off than to pour it on.
   Pour into the clean container of your choice. Close
   tightly, label and keep out of the reach of children.
   To Use: If you like to spray-and-polish, store this
   solution in a pump-type container. If you like to rub
   your furniture quietly, store the solution in a
   squeeze-type container and apply it to an old sock
   that you've slipped over your hand, then rub away. In
   either case, use only a little bit of the polish at a
   time and then buff the surface with a clean cloth or
   sock. 8 oz
   Gift note from me: Include a man’s white tube sock
   with lace and/or a ribboned bow to use for a cleaning