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                         Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    4      pcs           string cheese
    1      pkg           refrigerated breadstick dough -- (8)
 Separate the breadstick dough.  Take one piece and fold a little bit of
 one end over the end of one piece of string cheese.  Wind the dough
 round and round the cheese (this should go about halfway).  Take a
 second piece of dough and overlap it a bit over the end of the first
 piece and continue winding around the cheese to the end, folding the
 last bit over itself and pinching the seams all along the length of it
 to completely seal in the cheese.  Continue for the other three pieces
 of cheese.  Bake for the time and temperature recommended for the
 breadsticks.  Wrap in foil and freeze.  To serve: place frozen in
 lunchbox, it will defrost by lunchtime.  Or remove foil and microwave
 for a warm snack.  Serves 4.  This could be “cheapened up” by using
 homemade bread dough and cutting a block of mozzarella into sticks.
 Make and freeze them in bulk and making lunch would be a breeze - just
 take it out of the freezer and pop it in the bag.
 Ellen, who has men in assorted sizes
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