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      title: pesto cheese mold
 categories: appetizer
   servings: 16
       1 c  fresh basil leaves
     1/2 c  parmesan cheese
       2 t  garlic
     1/4 c  pine nuts
     1/3 c  olive oil
       8 oz cream cheese
     1/4 lb camembert
     1/2 c  cream
 reserve a couple of basil leaves for garnish
 combine basil, parmesan, garlic, and pine nuts in a food processor 
 pulse to mix well 
 with machine running, add olive oil in a thin-steady stream process until
 thickened, set aside 
 combine cream cheese and camembert or brie in a food processor 
 process until well blended thoroughly 
 fold in whipped cream 
 spread one-fourth of cheese mixture into a plastic wrap-lined gelatin
 top with one-third pesto mixture 
 repeat adding cheese then pesto mixtures 
 cover and chill for 4-96 hours 
 unmold onto a serving platter 
 serve slightly chilled or at room temperature, with assorted savory
 crackers, breads, and/or toasts to the side