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  Categories: Cyberealm, Appetizers
       Yield: 4 dozen
     1/2 lb Ground Beef [lean]
       1    Garlic clove [minced]
       1    Egg [beaten]
       1 ts Horseradish [prepared]
     1/2 ts Thyme
     1/4 ts Salt
     1/4 ts White peper
       1 pk (17¬ oz) frozen puff pastry
       1 c  Chedder cheese [shredded]
   1)      Brown the ground beef in a medium skillet,
   then drain off the drippings. Add the garlic, cooking
   `til tender... 2) Combine the egg, horseradish, thyme,
   salt & pepper in a med. bowl, then add the meat
   mixture and mix well... 3) Roll 1 pastry sheet to 13
   x 9 rectangle, then cut in half lengthwise. Spread ¬
   of the meat mixture over each half, then sprinkle ¬ c
   of the shredded cheese on top of the spread meat. 4)
   Roll (jelly roll style) from one long side, then cut
   into 1 pieces, and place seam side down on greased
   cookie sheet... 5) Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the
   remaining meat mixture and the pastry... 6) Bake for
   15 min. or `til golden brown and serve warm...
   Source: the “Hurry-up Hamburger Recipes” cookbook and
   typed for you by Fred Goslin in Watertown NY on
   Cyberealm EBBS, home of KookNet, at (315) 786-1120