Chile con Queso (Cheese w/Chiles)    No. 2358          Yields 8 Servings
      6 oz        Monterey Jack, Chilled     1 Tbls      Vegetable Oil
      6 oz        Longhorn Cheddar,        1/3 Cup       Heavy Cream
                  Chilled                      -         Tortilla or Corn Chips
    1/2 Cup       Salsa Pico de Gallo
 Shred the two cheeses and combine.
 Heat the oil in a (12“-14”) skillet.
 Saute the Salsa Pico de Gallo in the oil until the onions are transparent.
 Set the skillet over medium low heat.
 Add shredded cheeses by the handfull, allowing each to melt before adding the
 Stir in just enough of the cream to make a thick, smooth texture - DO NOT LET
 Transfer to a heated chafing or fondue dish.
 Serve with tortilla chips or corn chips.
 Stir the mixture from time to time in order to maintain the creamy texture.