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       Title: Sun-dried Tomato Dip
  Categories: make-ahead, sauces/dips
       Yield: 3 cups
     1/2 lb sundried tomatoes; dry; not 
            -in oil
      10    cloves garlic
   1-1/2 ts oregano
   1-1/2 ts thyme
   1-1/4 c  olive oil
     1/4 c  vegetable oil
   1.  Reconstitute the sundried tomatoes in boiling water according to       
   package directions.                                                        
   2.  In saucepan over low, combine tomatoes with remaining ingredients, and 
   cover and cook for 20 mins.                                                
   3.  Puree in food processor.  Will keep in fridge for up to one month if   
   covered tightly.                                                           
   Also could be used for pasta.                                              
   Contributor:  The (Thornhill) Liberal