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       Title: Dried Beef Cream Cheese Spread
  Categories: appetizers, brunch, cheese/eggs, snacks
       Yield: 1
       1    8 oz cream cheese; softened
       2 tb milk
       1   3 oz pkg dried beef; (like Budig), 
     1/4 c  green pepper; chopped
       4 ea green onions; chopped finely
     1/2 c  sour cream
     1/2 ts garlic salt
     1/4 ts pepper
     1/2 c  pecans; coarsley chopped
   Mix all ingredients except topping together in a mixing bowl.  Spread
 in a 
   8 pie plate and sprinkle pecans on top.  Bake @ 350 degrees (F) for 20
   minutes.  Serve hot with Breton crackers.                              
   Can be made ahead and refrigerated up to one day before baking.        
   Contributor:  Lena
   Preparation Time:  :15