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       Title: Cheddar Cheese and Brandy Spread
  Categories: Spreads, Gifts
       Yield: 6 ounces
     3/4 lb Cheddar cheese, room temp.
       3 T  Butter, room temperature
       2 T  Brandy
            Pepper to taste
   Grate cheese. Put in bowl of mixer with butter and beat until
   blended. Add brandy and a small amount of water, if necessary, until
   mixture is creamy and spreadable. Add pepper and pack into
   well-washed container. Makes about 6 ounces of spread, enough to fill
   one coffee mug.
   Elliot packs the cheese spread into new coffee mugs, wraps them in
   clear paper and adds a tag saying to stote the cheese in the
   refrigerator and use it promptly.