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       Title: Company Cheese Spread
  Categories: Appetizers, Cheese/eggs, Dips
       Yield: 2 cups
       4 oz Low-fat sharp cheddar cheese
       4 oz Non-fat ricotta cheese
     1/2 c  Walnuts
     1/2 c  California Dried Figs
     1/4 c  Parsley sprigs
     1/4 c  Chunked red bell pepper
       2 tb -Canned pimento
       1    Garlic clove
       2 tb Low or non-fat milk
   If using a food processor, cut low-fat cheddar cheese into cubes.  Process
   until finely chopped.  Add ricotta cheese, process about 10 seconds.  Add
   remaining ingredients, except milk, and process until all ingredients are
   finely chopped.  Add milk as needed to reach desired consistency.  Serve
   with crackers or crisp vegetable sticks.
   Each serving contains about: Calories 79.3, Fat 5.61G, Sodium 58.0MG,
   Cholesterol 10.4MG, Protein 3.58G, Carbohydrates 4.71G, Fiber 1.10G
   Source: Fabulous Figs The Fitness Fruit
   Reprinted with the permission of The California Fig Advisory Board
   Electronic format courtesy of Karen Mintzias