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       Title: GUACAMOLE OLE
  Categories: Dips, Mexican
       Yield: 4 cups
       6    Ripe Avocados,
            -peeled, seeded & mashed
       2    Ripe tomatoes, diced fine
     1/4 t  Salt
     1/4 c  Cilantro
       2    Green onions, stalks only,
            -sliced thinly
       1 tb Lemon juice
       1    Jalapeno pepper, diced
            -without seeds (opt)
   This party-perfect appetizer teams the flavors of Mexican and
   California cuisine in a lively dip.
   Combine avocado, cilantro, green onions, tomatoes, lemon juice
   and salt; mix well. Cover and chill. Serve with your favorite chips.