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       Title: Vegetable Nut Pate
  Categories: Pate
       Yield: 2 cups
       1 tb Vegetable oil or water
       1 lg Onion
       1 c  Green beans, trimmed
       1 c  Cashews
       1 tb Lemon juice
            Salt to taste
            Pepper to taste
   Heat the oil or water in a small frying pan. Cook the onion slowly
   over moderately low heat, stirring frequently, until very soft -
   about 5-7 minutes.
   Steam the green beans over boiling water until just tender, about 10
   Place the onion, beans and the remaining ingredients in a food
   processor and puree until smooth. Transfer the pate to a serving bowl
   and serve immediate. The pate can be refrigerated, but bring it to
   room temperature before serving.
   Preparation time, 20 minutes.