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       Title: PEAR LIQUEUR
  Categories: Alcohol, Beverages
       Yield: 3 pints
       1 lb Pears
       3 c  Vodka, rum, or brandy
       1 c  Sugar syrup (see recipe)
       2 pn Cinnamon, nutmeg
       2    Clove
       2    Coriander seed
       2    Apple (optional)
   The Bartlett pear is the best to use for liqueur making. It is juicy,
   sweet, and smooth. Season is July to Nov. Avoid ones with cuts, bruises,
   dark spots, or decay.
   Slice pears (and apple if desired) and add to other ingredients., adding
   sugar syrup last. Stir gently and steep 3 weeks. Strain and filter. Taste
   and adjust flavor by adding more fruit or sugar syrup if needed. Steep 3-4
   weeks, then strain. Ready for use. Other fruits can be combined with pears
   to create a different taste.
   Yield: 3 pints          Container: Wide mouth 1/2 gallon jar