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  Categories: Alcohol, Beverages
       Yield: 3 cups
       2 c  Fresh pineapple
       2 c  Vodka
     1/2 c  Sugar syrup (see recipe)
   Buy the largest pineapple you can find as it will give you more meat. Look
   for yellow to golden orange color for sweet tasting meat. Avoid greenish
   color, bruises, discoloured areas, soft spots, or dried out brown leaves.
   Slice pineapple and combine with vodka in jar. Steep for 1 week. Strain
   and squeeze as much juice as possible from pineapple. Filter a few times
   until liquid is smooth and pulp free. Add sugar syrup to taste. Pineapple
   juice may be added for additional taste if desired. Age 1 month.
   Yield: 3 cups    Container: Wide mouth quart jar