Date:    Wed, 20 Jul 94 22:06:16 PDT
 From:    Michelle Dick <artemis>
 Proper Hot Chocolate (updated for the 90s):
 Pour a cup of evaporated skimmed milk (either straight or cut half
 with skimmed milk) in a microwave safe container.  Nuke for under a
 minute until hot and fragrant (do not boil).  In cup you will drink
 from, put in Droste cocoa and sugar (to your personal taste) and mix.
 Add just a little of the heated milk and whisk till smooth.  Then,
 using a hand blender, beat the remaining milk until frothy (if you use
 a good aerating blender (like the Braun) you can approximate a steamed
 milk very well).  Add frothy milk to the chocolate slurry and blend.
 Drink immediately.
 A little vanilla or brandy is also dandy.  And butterscotch Shnapps is
 out of this world.