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       Title: Morrocan Mint Tea
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       Yield: 4 Cups
   1 1/4 pt (750 ml) water
       3 ts To 4 ts tea leaves
      20    To 30 spearmint leaves
       4    Sprigs of mint
   Boil the water in the kettle. Warm the teapot. Put the tea and mint
   leaves in and add the boiling water. Leave it to brew for 2 or 3
   minutes. While brewing, warm tumblers by rinsing in hot water. Put
   one sprig of mint in each tumbler. Pour tea into each tumbler through
   a strainer. It is normal to add sugar lumps to the teapot, but it can
   be added tot the tumbler to taste after pouring.
   Now this is the original Moroccan mint tea recipe. I drink an awful
   lot of tea, lemon or mint, and this is my quick mint tea version:
   Make tea as you do normally; cut some sprigs of mint from the plant
   in the pot on the balcony, rinse under the tap, put into a big mug,
   pour tea into mug: enjoy!
   Hope I've been of help!
   Danielle Grimbergen
   Makes 4 cups
   from the Curry Club’s “Favourite Middle Eastern Recipes” book by Pat
   Source: (Danielle Grimbergen)
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