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       Title: Blueberry Ketchup
  Categories: fruits/nuts, relishes
       Yield: 3 cups
       2 tb vegetable oil
       1 lg garlic clove; crushed
       1 tb mince fresh ginger
       1 md onion; finely chopped
       2 pt blueberries
       1 c  fresh tomato; peeled, seeded
            - and choppe
       2 lg purple plums, pitted and 
     1/4 c  dark brown sugar; firmly 
       1 tb blueberry or raspberry 
       1 tb fresh lemon juice
       1    zest of 1 lemon; cut into 
            -julienne strips
       1 md dried chili pepper; crumbled
       1 ts ground cinnamon
       1 ts ground cardamom
       1 ts ground coriander
       1 ts salt
       1 ts freshly ground mixed 
            -peppercorns; white, green r
   Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed saucepan (two quart or larger).  Add the  
   garlic and ginger and cook over low heat for two minutes.  Add the onion   
   and cook until soft and transparent, stirring often.  Add the blueberries, 
   tomato, plums, brown sugar, vinegar, lemon juice and zest, chili pepper,   
   spices, salt and pepper, stirring well.  Cook over medium heat until the   
   mixture begins to simmer.  Reduce the heat and keep simmering gently for 30
   minutes.  Remove from the heat.  Let the mixture cool slightly, then puree 
   in a food processor or blender. Return the puree to the pan and heat,      
   bringing the mixture to a simmer. Cook until thick, about 1 hour. Pour into
   two sterile pint jars or containers. Cover and let cool. Store in the      
   refrigerator for up to four weeks or freeze.                               
   From:  The Food Column Of The Denver Post Magazine Section 07-31-94        
   Posted by:  Rich Harper