Date:    Tue, 17 Aug 93 10:19:01 EDT
 From the August issue of Gourmet magazine.
 Once steeped, this vinegar is supposed to “keep for several months.
 (Garnishes and other solids left in the jar, however, may discolor or
 break down.)”
 Opal-Basil Cinnamon Vinegar
 1 cup packed opal basil leaves including any blossoms, plus
 sprigs for garnish, rinsed and spun dry
 3-inch cinnamon stick, broken in two
 2 cups white-wine vinegar
   Put the basil leaves and blossoms in a very clean 1-quart
 glass jar and bruise them with a wooden spoon.  Add the cinnamon
 and the vinegar and let the mixture steep, covered with the lid,
 in a cool dark place for at 4 days to 2 weeks.  Strain the
 vinegar through a fine sieve, pour it into 2 very clean 1/2-pint
 glass jars.  Add the basil sprigs and seal the jars with the