Date:    Thu, 09 Sep 93 03:09:17 EDT
 From: (Dr. Neal Pinckney)
 Make Fast - Wait Long Liquor
 2 cups sugar (raw sugar is best, white is also fine)
 1 liter Vodka (the cheapest available)
 2 cups nectar (can use herb extracts, coffee, etc.)
 Heat the nectar and sugar until disolved, cool, add the vodka
 and store in airtight bottles ... and let it sit for a year. 
 I put a piece of firm fruit in the bottle also.  Looks great
 and adds to the flavor.  I also use jackfruit, lychee, guava
 and other tropical fruits growing in my (or neighbors') yard.
 A friend made some with anis seeds and it it golden ambrosia!
 If these fruit are not available, get a can of fruit in syrup
 and mix the syrup with the vodka, adding some of the fruit.
 Jackfruit and lychee are very distinctive and delicious.
 (For those who like a sweeter, more syrupy liquor, use a little
 less vodka or more sugar.  This recipe is a little on the tart
 side, but after a year on the shelf, it gets as mellow as
 as the best.  The sweeter ones are a real treat on vanilla 
 Tofutti or other VLF ices.