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       Title: Low-Fat Sour Dairy Dressing 
  Categories: brunch, low-cal 
       Yield: 2 cups 
       1 c  1% fat cottage cheese 
     1/4 c  buttermilk from skim milk 
       2 tb lemon juice 
       1 tb corn oil 
   Put all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend 
   until completely smooth, scraping sides down with spatula as 
   NOTE:  Use with 1 percent-fat cottage cheese or with fresh, stewed, or 
   preserved fruit and a good bread for breakfast. 
   Nutritional information for TOTAL recipe:  Calories - 511; 
   Carbohydrates - 21.7g; Protein - 62.5g; Total Fat ~ 17.8g; Sat fat - 
   4.0g; % of calories from fat - 31; Cholesterol - 48.0mg.