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       Title: Cactus Jelly
  Categories: relishes/preserves
       Yield: 1 serving
            see below
   Do not double recipe.                                                      
   Gather about 1 qt. of fruit to make 2-1/2 C. of juice. If most of the fruit
   is very ripe, try to include some under-ripe ones to add pectin. Wash fruit
   and place in kettle with just enough water to cover. Boil until quite tende
   r and soft (extracts pectin and flavor).                                   
   Strain through two thicknesses of cheesecloth and set juice aside so sedime
   nt will settle. For clear jelly, do not use sediment portion.              
   For each 2-1/2 C. juice, add one package of powdered pectin (more successfu
   l than liquid). Bring to fast boil, stirring constantly. Add 3 T. lemon or 
   lime juice and 3-1/2 C. sugar. Bring to a hard boil (one you can't press do
   wn with a spoon) and boil for three minutes. The timing is very important t
   o get a product that will jell.                                            
   Remove from heat, skim and pour into sterilized jelly glasses. Cover with a
   layer of melter paraffin.                                                  
   (I am experimenting with a non-sugar version using apple, pear and white   
   grape juice concentrate but at present have it all in freezer waiting for  
   some time to try different quantities, etc.)                               
   By Barbara Barte, courtesy of Pima County Coop. Extension Service.         
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   Contributor:  AXECLAN
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