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       Yield: 1 marinade
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   Thaw turkey (if frozen) on Monday & Tuesday in
   On Wednesday, put 3 onions (cut up), 4 garlic cloves
   (sliced) and 1 large bunch of parsley in cavity of
   Pour Vernors (ginger ale) and 8 oz orange juice
   concentrate in cavity. Cover and rub bird with
   Catalina dressing. Sprinkle with seasoned salt and
   pepper and paprika.  I put the whole mess in a garbage
   bag and marinate it overnight.
   Before baking, discard all marinade.
   Di Note:  When I finally bought my house, I wanted to
   have Thanksgiving here instead of at my mother’s
   (which was traditional).  I had NEVER done a turkey
   before.  I bought this HUGE creature and started to do
   the marinade thing (my Mom’s recipe).  Well, I don't
   have much counter space and this bird was a slipping
   an' sliding all over the place and I was laughing
   hysterically.  I was actually fighting this monster!
   My Mom called to see how everything was going and all
   she could hear was me cackeling.  She jumped in her
   car and came over and here I was, on the floor with
   this damn bird in my lap and marinade all over me. It
   was one of those moments...great marinade tho!
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