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       Title: Orange-Honey Marmalade
  Categories: relishes/preserves
       Yield: 1 1/2 cups
       2 lb oranges; weigh w/skins on
     3/4 c  honey
       1    navel orange; rind only
   The white rind (between the outer skin of an orange and the tough          
   shell around the pulp) contains bioflavonoids which good                   
   nutritionists say have an important place in nutrition. Ordinarily         
   you should eat as much of this rind as you can leave on the orange.        
   Unfortunately, it cooks up very tough in a marmalade, and, if you          
   leave patches of it on the chunks of orange, you get tough white           
   patches of it in the marmalade. So, peel off as much as you can.           
   We like to use a combination of oranges for this: temples, navels,         
   juice oranges--whatever is available. But we prefer navels for their       
   peel which has a good texture and flavor.                                  
   Peel the oranges, pit them, and cut up into small chunks. Put them         
   all in a large pot. Add the honey. Shave the navel orange peel into        
   fine slices and add. Stir and cook, uncovered, over a simmering-low        
   flame for about 40 minutes or until thick.                                 
   Yield: about 1 1/2 cups.                                                   
   Source: “The Good Goodies: Recipes for Natural Snacks 'n' Sweets” by       
   Stan & Floss Dworkin