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  Categories: Preserves
       Yield: 8 servings
       4    Orange
       8 c  Sugar; (3 1/2 lb)
       2    Lemon
   1 1/2 fl Pectin, liquid
   Peel off orange and lemon skins in quarters close to pulp and set
   aside. Break up pulps and remove seeds; add 1 cup water and simmer in
   covered saucepan 45 minutes. Meanwhile boil orange and lemon rinds
   with 8 cups water in covered saucepan 20 minutes. Drain off and
   discard water.
   With a sharp-edged spoon scrape out and discard all white
   part of orange and lemon skins right down to yellow rind. Then with a
   very sharp knife shred yellow rinds just as thin as possible in shreds
   about 1 inch long. Simmer shredded rinds again with 5 cups water in
   covered pan 15 minutes. Drain off and discard water. Mix cooked pulp
   with rinds.  Measure 4 level cups of this mixture into large saucepan,
   adding, if necessary, enough water to the fourth cup to make it level
   full. Add sugar and mix well. Stir mixture hard and constantly and
   bring to a vigorous boil over the hottest fire. Boil hard 3 minutes
   with continual stirring. Remove from fire and add pectin, stirring it
   in well. Then let stand 5 minutes only, by the clock, with occasional
   stirring to cool slightly and pour quickly.
            Source: [Certo, Pectin Sales Co. Inc. - Oct. 21, 1921]
                              per Steve Herrick
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