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  Categories: Condiments
       Yield: 6 servings
       4 md Sized (or 3 large) unpeeled
            -oranges, halved
            And sliced thin
       4    Unpeeled lemons, sliced thin
   From: Arizona Cookbook
   granulated sugar
   Measure oranges and lemons together. Add 5 times as much cold water.
   During next 24 hours, boil hard for an hour. This will reduce the
   quantity one-half. Measure into 4-cup units. <Cooking in this
   quantity will produce better flavor.> If oranges are overly sweet,
   add 1 tbsp lemon juice for every cup of fruit. Bring to boiling
   point. Boil 8 minutes. Add 3/4 cup sugar for each cup of fruit.
   Boil first unit rapidly until it jells -- not more than 10 min. If a
   longer time seems to be necessary, boil the next unit for a longer
   time before the sugar is added. Pour into sterilized glasses and
   cover with paraffin when cold.